Monday, August 2, 2010

Converting a large amount of images from one format to another

This is a quick tip for converting a large amount of images from one format to another (eg. from RAW to jpg).  
1.            Open Bridge and navigate to the folder where your images resign.
2.            Select the images you want to convert (you can use Ctrl + A to select them all, or you can click on the first image to select it and then Ctrl + click to select the rest of the images).
3.            Go to Tools > Photoshop > Image Processor:
4.            A dialog will appear in Photoshop with several options. You can choose to convert the selected images to either JPEG. PSD (Photoshop format) or Tiff. For JPEG ultimate quality enter 12. If you are not going to post-process the images, select “Convert Profile to sRGB” in order to create smaller files. You can further choose to run an action during the conversion (e.g. you can run an action for converting your images to B&W):
5.            After you are done, click “Run”. Photoshop will load each image and convert it to the image format you have selected.
6.            That’s it! It’s fast and very easy!

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