Friday, July 9, 2010

Nikon Production Problems

Unfortunately Nikon's production line is not doing very well. It seems to be a serious problem with products made in Japan (D3 series, pro lenses) as Nikon can't meet the demand and it seems that big dealers don't even have a clue when to expect delivery of the products. This is so bad! If you can't meet the demand, you lose potential customers (some enthusiasts, some migrating from other brands). When you invent a very good product, you have to sell as much as possible, before competitors catch up. Here's your change Nikon: if you manage to make customers switch from competitive brands, they will not only buy a camera but the accompanied lenses too, resulting in a big investment (were are talking about pro & expensive equipment) and so they will remain customers in the next 5-8 years (at least). You are giving your chance away Nikon...

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